Daily Rants and Raves

Back in the Saddle

So, I basically took a week off last week due to my cousin’s passing.  Mentally, I couldn’t do anything, I was just kinda a  ball of mush, plus we had family things to take care of.  But, boy did I miss my classes.  Started back up on Saturday, and did a stretching class on Sunday. Felt good to be back to my normal routine.

Its nice to have a routine, but I really think my body needed to get back on track.  Imagine my fat ass, I threw it into this fitness regimen, then a week off, then back to it.  I bet my fat ass thought I was done – but I am not. No way baby!

Another personal victory – Saturday during the running portion of class, the first round, I kinda kept up with people! Holy shit!  They were probably just going kinda slower, but hey, I will take it! To not finish 20 minutes after everyone was such a great feeling.  Now, my second run, not so much, damn calves keep seizing up.  But with all the stretches and different techniques I have learned from my coaches, and hopefully with some weight loss, it will get better.  One step at a time!

Lets talk about goals  – we all got them , no matter how silly, how crazy, a goal means something to you, something we strive for.


One of my goals is to not have to readjust my fat on the ride at Disney World when we go in May 2014.  Now if you have some junk in your trunk, you know what I am talking about.  If you are normal size, probably not so much.  Basically some rides, I exceeded the weight limit on ( which sucks). And other rides, that damn little bar came crashing down on my freaking stomach and felt so good as I was whipped around the rides.  It is uncomfortable.  It royally sucks, its embarrassing , and you don’t exactly want to announce it. So you go on skipping along, waiting in line for another 20 minutes to squeeze yourself under another ridiculous bar while some preteen comes by to check if ” You are in properly” Apparently they did not notice that I am going to need a 10 foot shoe horn to get my ass out of this thing.  Then there are the moments while you try to get out of the ride smoothly as to not embarrass yourself – cha!  You are hurrying, but you are fat, so when you hurry, you get out of breath  and you stumble off of the ride, looking and feeling like you just had a heart attack.

…..But then, oh look! No lines! Lets do it again!!!!

Its good to have goals folks, and I am confident I will reach this one!

Just keep swimming folks, and you will get there 🙂


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