Daily Rants and Raves

Dear God make me a bird…..

I’ll admit it, I am frustrated .  Very frustrated, irritated and wee a bit down.  Tonight’s work out had running elements in it.  Running. Ugh. The thing is, I WANT  to run. I WANT to run well. I WANT to run a 5k.  My issue is I am so damn fat that running isn’t even what I do – its more of a saunter-jog with the end result being some sort of cardiac arrest.   And I get that – for now I am very content to do my own thing and go along at my own pace.  I always finish – usually way after everyone, but that is okay.

My frustration comes from my calves.  They freaking kill me 2 minutes into the run.  I have been doing stretches and got some great advice from the coach tonight, but it is like a hurdle I cannot get over.   I have the drive to do it – to finish last if you will , but my body giving out and not allowing me to do it is not allowed.  I have been working so hard and to have a hiccup like this is such a ball breaker and spirit killer.

Of course I know things will get easier as the weight comes off.  Its just a kick in the pants when it pertains to a goal you have.  And I know I am probably making it seem worse than it actually is. I hope doing all the stretching I have learned will ease it up, too.


Gotta Keep swimming images-7

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