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Encouragement – YES!

Cover of "Couples Retreat"
Cover of Couples Retreat

One of my most favorite movies is Couples Retreat.   Seriously – freakin love this movie.  One of my favorite scenes is when the couples are doing yoga with the yoga instructor.  He offers up some great catch phrases like ” Regard Me” and  “Encouragement – yes!”  You tube the scene cause I am totally not making it seem as funny as it is. –  But to my point – ENCOURAGEMENT! YES!

I have been very blessed to have been given a terrific support system. My family and friends are bar none – the best. They have encouraged me and supported me through every step of this life.   And you know what sucks – not everyone has that.

The first step in any great decision has to be made by  you.  Be it fitness, be it a big move, be it a new hairstyle – you are the master of you own destiny and YOU have to decide when the time is right to take some action.  Then comes the hard part – implementation and execution.  These are the things that make you want to hide under the blankies and never wake up.  ( At least for me anyways, lol) I have found that when I get a ” good job” or a ” you got this” when working out – It make me want to kick ass and do the best I can.   Imagine how good we would all feel if we got just a tiny bit of encouragement here and there.  To hear that someone else thinks you are doing good – just makes you feel better I guess.

So I leave you with this my friends – share some encouragement tomorrow – share some love . Give someone a smile and just make someone’s day.

Click here for  Encouragement Video

Just keep swimming my friends and you will get there 🙂

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